All founders and many employees of digitalsee have children and we all agree that it is our damned duty and obligation to leave our children a world worth living in. The "how" can be debated and is also discussed a lot in public. As a company, we believe that most of the world's problems can be solved through creative and intelligent use of technology. That is why we tend to participate less in public discussions and do not adorn ourselves with "environmental certificates" and such things. We act.

One example: Our corporate culture includes the sovereignty of our employees with regard to their work location and working hours. Each of us does home office whenever she/he wants and can. Of course, this is not always possible, e.g. because of customer requirements or because it is sometimes nice to see colleagues in the flesh. But it often works and experience shows that cooperation is excellent thanks to the optimal use of communication and collaboration tools and our concepts of personal responsibility within self-organising teams.

We currently assume that our home office regulation avoids 25% of all journeys to work. With 50 employees and an average distance to and from work of 30 km, that is 375 km per day that are not driven. That makes 1,875 KM per week. A total of 100,000 km per year. Or the equivalent of almost 17,000KG of CO2 that is not released into the atmosphere. Our goal is to avoid 50% of our employees' journeys to work. With 50 employees, that's just under 35 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year that we save. And how? Through effective, creative and intelligent use of technology!

If we now calculate this for a customer with 1000 employees and we help this customer by using technology and suitable work organisation to also avoid 25% of work trips, then we are (also) talking about 340 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved.

That is one of our goals: no more commuter traffic jams! We contribute to this with our work. Every day. Very concretely.