We sit too much and move too little. Clearly, home office has many advantages: We protect the environment, we save time, we can have a good work-life balance. But there is one decisive disadvantage of working at home - the lack of movement.

Especially when working from home, many small trips are no longer necessary, e.g. the chat in the coffee kitchen, the trip to the neighbouring office. Not only is the constant sitting unhealthy, meetings also seem to last much longer if we remain in the same position. In this position, we sit out problems and it is more difficult for us to take a different perspective and come up with new ideas.

Another consequence of the lack of exercise is the impeded reduction of stress hormones. Stress hormones can be reduced very well through physical exercise. By working in a home office, not even the way from the office to the car, bus, train or by bike home can lead to stress reduction, as it is omitted.

The consequence of this is that we must consciously ensure more movement in our daily home office routine. And this requires some discipline.

Here are some tips to trigger the movement behaviour

  • Calendar appointments with notification function (also acoustically)
  • the partner, who may also work in the home office or involve the children
  • a set alarm clock
  • arrange to go on a joint walking tour with "smartphone gossip
  • an online streaming appointment for a mini workout

Schedule this impulse at fixed and preferably regularly recurring times. This is important.

If this trigger or impulse is missing, we often do not succeed in tearing ourselves away from our work and taking a break to move. Therefore, take special care to reliably plan this impulse.