New workplace = new culture

New Workplace

What was your first association with the supposed holiday picture? Most of the people I asked said - well, you're doing well... I'd like to have that office too... and yes, I can understand both. Because it is my current home office in Croatia.

It's true, I have my legs up several times, the notebook on my lap and - I'm working. More productively than usual, because it's about concepts, about new ideas. And I succeed faster, better, more appropriately in the environment in which I find myself at the moment.

Home office must not be like a holiday?

There are still companies that say: home office yes, but please in Gifhorn or Unterpremstätten, but not in Sicily or Croatia. Especially not in summer. Because people go there on holiday and don't work, is probably the unspoken insinuation.

Don't you have anything better to do?

The boss's question to the 4 young employees who don't spend their break downstairs at the smoking corner or hide behind the umbrella with a coffee but have fun playing table football. The "foosball table", affectionately known in Austria as the "Wutzler", was set up only recently by this very boss. Obviously not so that it would be used. After the announcement, it degenerated into a fun museum, because no one wanted to be told that anymore.

New workplace needs a "new culture"!

What this makes clear: Placing only bean bags decoratively in the corner and a table football table, preferably in the entrance area, so that the hurdle to using them is as high as possible, does not create an effect.

Trust & Co.

An inspiring environment needs a culture that is also inspiring. That starts with trust. Yes, it is written in every mission statement: We trust each other... an interesting demand if you assume that trust is a feeling. And feelings cannot be imposed by a mission statement. Except perhaps in North Korea.

If those responsible do not trust employees to do what is best for the company, all the "new workplace" concepts will be of no use, because command and control does not mix well with enable and support.

If you are planning to make your working environment more attractive in the near future, I therefore recommend paying at least the same attention to the culture in your company so that the new workplace is more than just a decorative exercise.

We at digitalsee...

...have decided to work on the foundation, and that is our culture. That means asking for, understanding and accepting feedback, even if it is sometimes unpleasant. That means open exchange among colleagues and managers. And that means consistent implementation and the awareness of never being "finished".

You can find out more under Culture.

Yours Gunhard Keil - Managing Director of digitalsee GmbH