The security of company data is more important today than ever before. Smaller companies in particular are faced with the challenge of dealing with cybersecurity. However, given the scarcity of resources (money, personnel, time), you need to weigh up wisely where to invest your efforts.

A tried and tested motto in information security is: "Just get started, a little is better than nothing at all." You don't have to aim for certification immediately. You can still achieve it later.

Information security is an ongoing process. Even when you think you're done, the next vulnerability report is sure to come.

First steps for getting started:

1. clarify the responsibilities: Determine who is responsible for information security in your company. This can be an internal person or an external expert.

2 Identify your critical assets. Not all of your company's systems or information are equally important to business processes. If you start with the most relevant assets, protect the most important first.

3. determine the greatest risks. Find out which of your critical assets are exposed to the greatest risks. This will help you protect what is most at risk first.

4. identify yourIT security requirements. The previous steps will help you to determine your own cyber security requirements. Record these in a security guideline.

5. define measures and implement them. You now have everything you need to define and implement the right measures in an efficient and targeted manner. Start small and gradually develop your security further. This also includes training and sensitizing your employees.


Cybersecurity is a matter for the boss. By starting with small steps and using the risk approach, you can protect your company from cyber attacks and ensure the security of your data.


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