It doesn't matter whether a company is large or small, old or young. It all depends on whether the employees are given room
for creativity. Unfortunately, there are always companies that suppress the creativity of their employees.
Often, day-to-day business with its high volume of work puts the brakes on ideas. Employees are expected to do their work quickly and
error-free. This promises profitability, at least for the time being. This is easy to express in figures and makes shareholders happy.
happy. The fact that not only employees but also the companies themselves could fall by the wayside is ignored.

But what happens, for example, in a crisis like the Corona Pandemic? What if orders suddenly disappear? What if employees
have forgotten how to act creatively and on their own responsibility, and thus how to react?

Success from the past suddenly no longer has any value. A complete rethink is required.
Now it is becoming clear which companies manage to come up with new, creative ideas even in, or especially during, the crisis,
with new, creative ideas.

Digitalsee stands for a modern company where performance is important and valued, but also where every employee can develop.
can develop. A company where cooperation, mutual support and creativity are a matter of course.
Here, no one is hindered by unnecessary hierarchies, rules and regulations. In this way, we make the most of the times when a project
project is coming to an end or is perhaps being discontinued, to train ourselves or to work on new creative projects that will be of long-term use to us in the market.
market in the long term.