We, too, are feeling a turnaround. Sudden project cuts or even resource cuts. Savings are being made. In many corners and ends. Now it's every man for himself? Existential fear?! We are all trying to emerge from the crisis as strong as possible. Clients and contractors.

But But what about our students and graduates who are now in the now into professional life? Our young talent. Talents who could perspective forwards. But what happens when young, motivated junior staff are prevented from entering professional life due to hiring freezes and cutbacks? Shouldn't we be thinking about our future leaders right now, promoting and challenging them to drive innovation?in order to drive innovation forward?

We would like to make a small contribution to this and have invited Leon, student in the sixth semester (Business Informatics) on board with us. Leon is supporting us as an intern and we are supporting him. Internship = occupational therapy? No, thank you! What Leon does for us is anything but.

Next week he will tell you himself what exactly that means!