Leon, you've been on board for a month now Board of the digitalsee. Please introduce yourself and tell us who you are!

My name is Leon Deeken and I am 24 years old. I am in my 7th semester at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences studying Business Information Systems..

At present, it is certainly not easy for students to gain a foothold and find an internship. find, is it?

Yes, that's right. At the moment rather few companies are looking for interns. In many companiesthe mills are at the moment unfortunately very slow, which complicates and delays the entire application process. and delays. I also believe that some companies the onboarding process, as well as employment from the home office from a technical not be able to depict.

And how did your internship with digitalsee come about?

I haI would like to do an internship in the field of project management. Preferably in the IT sector. Due to my training as a bank clerk, I have experience in a classically workingn company. Since I am interested in the topic of New Work I wanted to do my internship in a modern and agile company. in a modern and agile company. This fit in well with the range of services offered by digitalsee. My professor gave me a tip to apply.

How did you start your internship? How was your onboarding?

The hiring process was super relaxed and uncomplicated, so that I was able to start working spontaneously a few days after the interview. I was able to start working. On my first day, I was lucky enough to take part in a SCRUM workshop and get to know many employees. I immediately felt the pleasant working atmosphere and the friendly cooperation.. I was provided with technology to be ready to work.

Does remote onboarding work at all? at all?

Yes definitely. At the beginning I was unsure if and how this would work, but after I met the staff and we made all the arrangements for remote work after the workshop I was very confident and this has been confirmed in the last few weeks. All the staff are very helpful. There are regular online events to make up for the lack of contact with colleagues. For example, there are online events such as Digital Drinks. There anyone who wants to can join in via video camera and we drink our after-work drink together.

It is certainly not easy to carry out your activities as a trainee remotely. What support did you receive to carry out your tasks?

I am given all the opportunities I can imagine. I have many contacts, I'm given great hardware equipment, I'm given all necessaryn tools at my disposal. Im given time to familiarise myself and above all I feel great trust. One of the principles of the digitalsee is "We want to have fun" and this is not only a Phrase. There is a relaxed working atmosphere and I have the feeling that I can turn to all my colleagues if I have any questions.

What exactly are your tasks during your internship?

I am given the opportunity to work as a fully-fledged employee within a project. We run the project according to SCRUM, so I can use my knowledge as a freshly as a freshly certified SCRUM Master can be put into practice directly.

My first task was to introduce 2-factor authentication in the company. This is important in terms of IT security. Especially because many employees mainly from the home office . This makes it all the more important tohe to be positioned!

To do this, I looked into the different methods and wrote a guide for the best method. After a test phase, I activated 2-factor authentication for all staff. In the next few weekso weeks we will be working on topics from the client and mobile device management and develop concepts around the topic of home office. It is particularly important to us that the employees are restricted as little as possible..

At this point we would like to thank Leon who has been a very importantinternal internal topic for us and successfully implemented it! We are especially pleased that Leon will continue to support us beyond the internship; we will accompany him during his bachelor thesis until the end of May! We look forward to our continued cooperation! 😊