Some of us have worked in companies in the past where "It's not my job!" is an accepted model of procedure. In these companies, when employees enter a meeting room and there are still coffee cups on the table from the previous meeting, they leave the cups, put their own with them and then complain to the service staff afterwards about the mess.
It doesn't work like that for us - quite apart from the fact that we don't have any service staff. We simply put the cups away ourselves. And when we are faced with this "problem" more often, we ask our colleagues for ideas on how to deal better with our shared empty cups in future.
Of course, we have no rules for dealing with empty cups - neither the real ones nor the metaphorical ones. But we do have a sense of responsibility and competence towards all problems, small and large, and will not turn away from them with the sentence "That's not my job!". We are responsible for what we do. We do not hide behind others and do not shift responsibility. We take responsibility for ourselves, our work, our team, our company and the world around us.