We want to be an excellent company where everyone enjoys working. Our idea of an excellent company is not just cool offices, foosball tables, coffee and biscuits for free, company parties and similar amenities. We have all that, no question about it. We take these things for granted.
An excellent company offers more: a working environment that you can shape and adapt to your needs, freedom to make decisions and freedom from stifling bureaucracy, an honest, friendly, respectful and communicative culture, an excellent salary... All important.
But to be truly outstanding and to ensure that we all enjoy our work requires another extremely important ingredient: success!
Persistent failure kills all fun at work (except perhaps for the fun of cynicism and gallows humour). Success, however, the achievement of goals and the experience of effectiveness are the conditions for real fun at work. When we set goals, make an effort and then achieve those goals, we reap pride, self-confidence and satisfaction.
Nothing is more fun than success. That's why we enable success wherever we can.